We are creating a comprehensive mobility platform for operators to efficiently manage their vehicles and drivers, for regulators to be informed and establish guidelines, for service providers to deliver sustainable, future-proof solutions, and for riders to have an effortless transit experience.

We are providing our US partners with opportunities to efficiently connect with audiences to meet their business goals as well as provide riders and the public with relevant local content and advertising to help them stay connected while on the go.


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We are the new Curb Mobility.

Formerly Verifone Taxi Systems, we are a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company with deep roots in the taxi and for-hire industry. We are reimagining urban mobility and building the transportation network of tomorrow.

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We are creating a comprehensive mobility platform and providing products for mobile app solutions, effortless payment, paratransit, business travel, and advertising that reaches captive audiences of millions. We are creating the foundation for a scalable, efficient, intelligent, open transportation network of the future.

We are creating a comprehensive mobility platform and provide products for mobile app solutions, including the Curb mobile app, paratransit, and business travel. We bring reliable rides to people who need them, whenever they need them.

We serve operators and drivers with solutions for dispatch and fleet management. We are the industry leading provider of in-cab payment systems. Our Way2Cloud dispatch software, nationally certified digital meter, and call center power thousands of rides daily.

We are the leading provider of traditional and digital taxi media in the US. We combine the benefits of traditional out-of-home advertising with cutting-edge digital technology to reach captive audiences of millions.

If your audience is on the go, shouldn’t your advertising be where they are? If you’re a US-based advertiser and you're ready to reach millions, call 888-TAXI-TOP or fill out the form to contact us!

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